Select a time span
While pressing the Ctrl key, you can use your mouse to select a time span and display the amount of downloaded and uploaded data, as well as the average speed. You can select a time span by pressing the
left mouse button and clear the selection using the right mouse button.
To display values from the past, hold down the space key and move the graph by pressing the left mouse button. To go to the current values, press the right mouse button instead.
Horizontal scaling/zoom
To display a larger time span on the graph, the horizontal scaling can be changed. This changes the number of seconds belonging to one pixel. You can zoom in and out by pressing + or - on the keyboard, or by using the mouse wheel while pressing the Ctrl key.
Automatically choose internet interface
By using this option, the program automatically detects the interface, you are using for internet access. For example, if you switch from LAN to WLAN, you don't have to change the interface in the options to still monitor the internet interface.
The program saves your daily traffic and displays it, ordered by interface, in a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly table.
Even if NetSpeedMeter is minimized to tray, the tray icon displays the traffic of the last 16 seconds.
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