1. What are the differences between the installer und the portable version of NetSpeedMeter?

The portable version saves the configuration and statistics file in the directory where it was started from. The installer version saves these files in the user directory. Furthermore, the installer automatically sets up shortcuts and auto run.

2. How much RAM is used for the saved down- and upload values?

The down- and upload values of one session are never discarded. So it is possible to go back to the first values by using the history feature.
The amount of RAM needed for this is insignificant. If NetSpeedMeter is running continuously, 24 hours a day, for one month, the needed memory for the down- and upload values would be about 40 MB.

3. Why does NetSpeedMeter show more traffic than I actually downloaded?

NetSpeedMeter does not only show the payload data, but also additional data required by the various used protocols. This is called overhead.

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