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NetSpeedMeter is a free bandwidth monitoring tool showing the current network speed.
Errors, suggestions and other comments can be reported on the forums.
NetSpeedMeter is available free of charge!

New version available: 1.0
  • Update notifications now show the changelog
  • Thinner window border (fixes border issues under Windows 10)
Bugs fixed:
  • Monitoring all interfaces works again
  • Language setting is now saved and restored on next start
After more than 2 years, finally a new version is available: 0.9.5
  • Settings form has been revised
  • New settings for hotkeys and mouse
Bugs fixed:
  • Some balloon tips were sometimes not shown
  • In rare cases, very big traffic values were displayed
  • The graph form sometimes wasn't topmost, although topmost has been activated
New version available: 0.9.4
New Features:
  • New ToolTip for the TrayIcon displaying the complete description of the current interface and the current download/upload values
  • Now there is an AutoUpdater! It automatically downloads and installs the current version after requesting your permission.
Bugs fixed:
  • Sometimes, opening the browser didn't work
  • Snapping to screen edges didn't work correct in some situations
New version available: 0.9.3
Bugs fixed:
  • Statistics tables weren't displayed correctly
  • Context menu item "Show/Hide graph window" was sometimes labeled wrong
New version available: 0.9.2
Bug fixed:
  • No upload was shown when all interfaces were monitored
Version 0.9.1 is now available including the following changes:
  • New menu item: Show/Hide graph window
  • "Snap to edges" now also works while resizing the window
  • Calculation of new horizontal Scaling is now displayed
  • When an exception occurs, the settings will now be saved and the monitoring will be stopped
Bugs fixed:
  • When changing the horizontal scaling, the speed 0 has been displayed
  • Language bug of tooltips in the statistics
The Website goes online with the first release: Version 0.9!

Current version: 1.0
Installer (0.2 MB)
Portable (0.3 MB)
Supported operating systems:
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (32/64-bit)

.NET Framework 4.0 is required:
Web-Installer (0,9 MB)
Offline-Installer (41 MB)
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